Department Profile

These are the soldiers of God; they serve as the law enforcement agent, an orderly and a caretaker of the church and all its treasures: material and souls.
Welcome and minister to everyone at the entrance of the sanctuary with a smile, handshake and/or a hug.
The Children department is committed to partnering with parents in order to raise children who will be the next generation that love God, love themselves and love others.
This department is an evangelistic and educational initiative sponsored by the church for teenagers from all walks of life.
Sunday School
This department is responsible for the teachings of the basics of the Christian faith. It has the Bible as its ONLY textbook, the RCCG manual serves as guide and reference.
House Fellowship
This is designed to allow people to fellowship in small groups who meet in homes to study, care for one another and have fun together:
The Technical Department of Kings’ Court provides technical support for all church programs and activities by operating and maintaining all electrical, electronic, video, audiovisual and sound processing and reproduction equipment in the church.
The Music Ministry is responsible for providing all musical selections during services and special events.