Digging Deep

January 2011
TOPIC: Love Part 2D
Text: Eze.28: 11 – 19
In the last lesson, we discovered that envy destroys the very existence of love thereby turning it to hatred. Today, we will examine “pride”, another trait that should not be found in love. May the lord open our eyes of understanding as we study at his feet, amen.
Pride: This is a high, inordinate or false opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct or speeches.
A. It originates from the heart Prov.21: 4; Prov.16: 5; Jer.49:16; Oba.3
B. It is a sin Prov.21:4
C. It is associated with the end time occurrence 2Tim.3:1- 2
D. It generates other vices Prov.29: 25; Ps.140:5; Ps119: 85; Ps.119: 78; Ps.119: 69; Ps.119: 51; Prov.13: 10
E. It has associated repercussions Prov.11: 2; Prov.16: 18
F. God’s disposition to pride Ps.138: 6; Ps.101: 5; Js.4: 6; 1Pet.5: 5
G. God’s judgment on pride Is.2: 12; Jer.50:31- 32; Pro.16:5; Is.13: 11; Prov.15: 25
H. God’s commandment about pride Jer.13: 15
God abhors pride and will not tolerate it in any form. Therefore, pure and genuine love is devoid of pride. May his love flow through us in Jesus name, Amen.