This is established to engage new members, first time visitors and those that have been away from the church for a period of time. To let them know they are appreciated and understand how the church could be of assistance. This team also assists and provides information on how they can plug in to different small groups within the church to help strengthen their faith for growth. They agree with our First Timers in prayers on burning issues of their lives
They give bible based advise where necessary and more crucial issues are directed to the Pastor for further counsel.
Outreach Ministry
This ministry is mandated to restore hope and provide opportunities in the surrounding community for people to become all that God intends them to be.
This is a great opportunity to meet other people that are passionate about the great commission, as well as carry it out through various “hands on” outreaches. Join us as we go into different neighborhoods to share the word of God
It is a direct response to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ that we should go into the entire world and preach the gospel (MARK 16:15).
Food Pantry
This is a ministry designed to access human soul through their stomach with the main aim of drawing them to Christ. Come and join us as we distribute food to people who come to the front doorstep of our own church! It is a great way to minister to anyone that may need an encouraging word.
The Prayer warriors are intercessors standing in the gap for the church, members of the church and the nation. This is also designed to actively encourage and promote prayer within the church as its life- line.
Welfare and Hospitality
The Bible teaches us about caring for widows, the elderly and the brethren. It is the responsibility of all of God’s children to care for those who are in need. The welfare department’s focus is to fulfill this requirement by giving support to those who are in need, whether it is financial support, food, visiting people in their homes to give them an encouraging word or mentoring them. We are our brother’s keeper and the burden of one is the burden of all.
This department also ensures the well-being and comforts of guest ministers through the provision of food and refreshments. They also coordinate the food and refreshment aspect of all programs.
RCCG Kings Court Couples’ Ministry offers a place for couples of all ages to join for growth (rejuvenation) Prov. 27:17, encouragement (refreshing) 1Thess. 5:11, accountability (reinvigoration) Rom 15:1-2 and good old fashioned fun.
This group meets every quarter and occasionally holds seminars/workshops, provide pre-marital counseling and mentoring for engaged brethren and newly married couples.
Elders Council
This group is made up of brethren above forty-five years of age. They act more as an advisory body to the church leadership hinging on the premise that age speaks wisdom. They fellowship together sharing the unique experience that comes with age. They are also vital in the conflict resolution process of the church.
The men’s group of RCCG Kings’ Court is a ministry that provides a forum where mighty men of valor can plug in to be encouraged, empowered and mentored to take their rightful place in the society and in their homes thereby becoming all that God has called them to be. A godly man is a servant, not a slave master divinely established by God to be a role model for their wives and children to follow. He is also the spiritual leader in the home.
  • The ministry aims to accomplish these by:
  • Bringing men to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Equipping men to teach and serve others so as to be world changers for Christ
  • Growing men to be spiritually matured and be Christ-like.
Women’s Ministry is established with a vision to reach out, empower and edify women in Kings Court and in the surrounding communities; by so doing these women would be able to fulfill their God-given purpose.
This ministry is positioned to be able to utilize and harness all talents, gifts and resources to build up women in the body of Christ.
  • Encourage all women to be part of fellowship
  • Impact messages through activities that are women oriented
  • Encourage women to love and serve the Lord
  • To assist women who are needy and new mothers
  • Plan events and conferences that will unite all age groups
Young Adults This ministry is designed for the youth putting into consideration the complexity of the present society and the various challenges that the millennial are facing. In order to properly process and filter the incredible volume of information hurled on them on a daily basis. The ministry uses various modern tools to:
  • Encourage all youths to be involved with God
  • Teach, train and establish godly principles in the life of the youth
  • Organize events, dinner, camps, seminars and programs that are youth oriented.
  • Identify and tangibly appreciate students who excel in each quarter.